How To Pack For A Move

5. There Is Only 2 Seasons In Los Angeles

Even though Los Angeles is usually hot and cool most of the time, you will notice the trees changing color in the fall of winter and becomes a bit chilly during the night. During the spring season, things are different, and there are beautiful flower blossoms around you are everywhere you look. However, the beauty does not last long because of lack of rain.

6. Overpopulation

Being a popular city in the United States has attracted people some of them being investors and real estate developers. According to the recent census report, more than three million people are living in this city.

7. Overpriced.

It does not matter what you are buying in Los Angeles everything seems to be expensive. This makes it difficult for most people to survive since you will need a lot of money to buy something that you need or pay rent. Even hiring a moving company can be expensive!

8. Pollution

Pollution is also another reason as to why most people are moving out of Los Angeles. There is a new atmospheric layer that has formed with time and according to environmental specialists, this layer did not exist fifty years ago. Because of this reason, it is best to avoid such areas and protect yourself from asthma and allergies.

9. Los Angeles Unified School District.

This education system is not beneficial to children because the system is teaching children what it wants them to believe and not what they are supposed to learn. Because of this reason, parents option to take their children to private schools, which are also expensive.

10. People

Getting along with people in Los Angeles is not easy because most of them want to become movie stars or famous musicians. That means people do not look for other opportunities, and all of them are focused on one goal.


These are the top ten reasons why most people are moving out of Los Angeles. By acknowledging some of these factors, you will be able to make a wise decision about whether to continue living in Los Angeles or move out.

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